Dreams in Eyes

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sleep in my eyes
where dreams refuse to die

tired eyelids droop a bit
with myriad dreams they are lit


I just have to walk

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i am here to not prove anything
not to be cautious or to fling

it is a road that i must walk
to which my eyes lock


School Kid

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kid with a school bag
thinking studies to be a drag

but he still goes on the stroll
in the break to play football

friends and all the fun
copying in the test and no homework done

A lost soul...

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sleep in eyes
breathing long sighs

resigned to fate
a species specific trait

mind in tempest
like a simulated conquest

surviving on basic tricks
a life in a matrix

Dance Baby Dance!

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one step forward and one step back
matching the moves with the music track

one to the right and one to the left
dancing with a stranger with love bereft