I want to fly!

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I yearn to fly
in the blue open sky

through the meadows
in the cold cloudy shadows

from the open seas
to the tropical forests with canopies

soaking myself in the life of earth
where love is not in dearth


The Sniffer


went here and there
sniffed hundreds of things i swear

a crumb of bread and a cube of sugar
it doesn't take much to figure

all i do is sniff and rant
i am an assiduous little sniffer ant

Writing on the Wall

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going to the office on my usual route
on my way like always caring two hoot

saw this writing on the wall
in coal and color spray that made me stall

couldn't decipher from that far
made me get out of my car

simple and profound it looked all the while
remember you owe this world some care and a smile


The Sniper

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lying precarious on a cliff
head to toe whole body stiff

covered in dusty brown
undifferentiated from the ground

solitary sniper took his aim
as an eagle dropped at him in disdain

totally disgusted as he moved a bit
an enemy bullet had his eyes slit

Cat and Mouse

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little tom played a soothing tune
his violin and him from the noises immune

jerry ate his cheese with delight
enjoying it more with every bite

they had fought for years but enough now
called it a truce from the noisy row

they still are a cat and mouse
what will it take hatred for humanity to douse

The Ego Vile

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victor victor who raises the sword
at his feet down is the loser with no word

all he thinks is why he survived
a loss he can't bear and would rather have died

pleaded to chop his head right there
or strangle him with his hands bare

bending his sword the victor smile
kill the body but what about the ego vile

lifting his sword victor ordered him prison
mocking his ego in extreme derision


The Wary Poet

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in no mood to write
 poet wearily looks the pen and paper in sight

and delves deep into his brain
wondering how a closed space enshrines thoughts so unrestrained

suddenly his world changes
from dungeons to forests to ice white mountain ranges

pictures sounds feelings colors he doesn't need to think
and on paper his thoughts begin to ink


Political Harakiri

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a day came when all politicians decided
enough of politics - all parties must be united

a huge meeting was planned
big politicos flew first class to a resort in thailand

conference room was booked as discussions began
every sneeze was covered under media scan

next to thakeray was mayawati seated
in her smile, his plans for mumbai lay defeated

modi talked about development in gujarat
as father of the nation turned in his grave in wrath

dixit was amused with her hand on her chin
dreaming of commonwealth beating on her shin

jayalalitha dreamed of her acting days
she can't tolerate how the power sways

manmohan singh was already disillusioned
towards sonia he looked in confusion

they all were back to work the next monday
having planned yet another meeting for next sunday

in the parliament as the word kept flowing
laloo karunanidhi jaswant fernandes advani mentally decided to join

One Rupee at India Gate

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mocking me from across the road
was that bus filled with people going abroad

i smile hoping to catch an eye
it had been ages and I wasn't shy

someone took my smile as a bait
and i got my one rupee at india gate


Danger! Danger!

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danger danger in the air
the lion is out of his lair

dark skies above and murky stream below
waiting for his prey in fields shallow

there comes the unsuspecting deer
having felt nothing queer

prowling quietly and finally a powerful blow
little game was over with his resounding bellow


the prom night

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an egg headed guy in a pant coat
dancing in a garden near the old fort

an open air prom night was in full flow
his prom date looked hot from head to toe

and as the music soothed and turned fluffy
his heart beats increased as they both turned mushy

soon they were in a motel nearby
he pocketed his protection with a smiling sigh

and as she talked about her pet hens and ducks
all he wanted was a nice hard .....

this is what hollywood spews as teenage flicks
beer guzzling guys and skimpily dressed chicks

mind goes to unwind

there goes my mind
thinking it is time to unwind

there goes my crusade
through my silly goals as i wade

peter pan and uncle sam

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peter pan peter pan
did u see uncle sam

once upon a time in the world so high
now looking dazed i wonder why

promising the world full of peace
and we can see pinocchio's nose increase