gazing the stars...

star o star
shining bright
dimmed you are
by candlelight

great things' lure
there may be
but what I have
is far greater than thee


Monday Morning Blues!

may day may day
it is already evening of sunday

tonnes of sleep and a movie thrown in
life never seemed to be so happening

and now as i stare through the night
monday morning is almost here to bite

sweat and exasperation hits me hard
can already see the sleepy monday start


Tooth Fairy!

once upon a time
very close to the current time line

was a beautiful lovely fairy
with a rather remarkable story

she was loved through the land
as she went about her daily errand

all were happy and gay
as approached her marriage day

all was well as well as it could be
but there was one problem for none to see

in all the fun and jovial bubble 
the lovely fairy ignored her tooth trouble

in pain she did wince once in a while
but thought of a dentist had her mouth filled with bile

the day dawned and she was all dressed
prettiest maiden of all and amply blessed

and it was time to take the vows
a wrong time to be hit with dental woes

all had mouths opened in gape
to the dentist groom rushed her to take

so this was the tale of a beautiful fairy
on her wedding day who had to heed to her dental worry


Lonely in a Crowd

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and you all chatter away
away from me in a harmonious sway

as i try to be a part of you
your dispossession doesnt let me through

i say let it be
you all just cant see

me carrying an intensity within
afraid you are of its toss and spin


Confessions of a drunk poet

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just to prove u wrong
when drunk i can still rhyme a song

tequila may burn my throat
but it is rhyme in my blood that floats

my eyes may droop in bliss
in woes i can still find my bliss

you may not like the taste of beer
trust me when drunk it is not that queer

red wine over good food is awesome
ah crap am drunk wholesome


Key is the Key

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tumbling down the rabbit hole
wish like alice i knew the right keyhole

but then again what is the point
when it is the key which its holder it anoints


Beggar at the Signal

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i beg at the signal
surviving on meals frugal

you stop your car
ignoring my gaze you look afar

your heart melts at my penury
your head filled with a sceptical jury

you think i will just con
that i have a gang and i am not alone

you save your rupee but your heart does scream
i really haven't eaten but then the signal turns green



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why do thoughts have to be pure
when all things around you are sore

deceive i do not myself
i accept all ideas neatly on my mind's shelf


True Knowledge

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drilling on and on
all rot with curiosity gone

shaping careers on an illegal turf
expecting tsunami and guys to surf?

abolish this tapestry of fraud
knowledge is the complex world made by our lord


As the end nears...

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time flies
snapping all visible ties

in a second it is over
like an alcoholic feeling he is sober
with those invisible threads
leaving your soul in pain and shreds