Beggar at the Signal

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i beg at the signal
surviving on meals frugal

you stop your car
ignoring my gaze you look afar

your heart melts at my penury
your head filled with a sceptical jury

you think i will just con
that i have a gang and i am not alone

you save your rupee but your heart does scream
i really haven't eaten but then the signal turns green



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why do thoughts have to be pure
when all things around you are sore

deceive i do not myself
i accept all ideas neatly on my mind's shelf


True Knowledge

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drilling on and on
all rot with curiosity gone

shaping careers on an illegal turf
expecting tsunami and guys to surf?

abolish this tapestry of fraud
knowledge is the complex world made by our lord


As the end nears...

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time flies
snapping all visible ties

in a second it is over
like an alcoholic feeling he is sober
with those invisible threads
leaving your soul in pain and shreds