Political Harakiri

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a day came when all politicians decided
enough of politics - all parties must be united

a huge meeting was planned
big politicos flew first class to a resort in thailand

conference room was booked as discussions began
every sneeze was covered under media scan

next to thakeray was mayawati seated
in her smile, his plans for mumbai lay defeated

modi talked about development in gujarat
as father of the nation turned in his grave in wrath

dixit was amused with her hand on her chin
dreaming of commonwealth beating on her shin

jayalalitha dreamed of her acting days
she can't tolerate how the power sways

manmohan singh was already disillusioned
towards sonia he looked in confusion

they all were back to work the next monday
having planned yet another meeting for next sunday

in the parliament as the word kept flowing
laloo karunanidhi jaswant fernandes advani mentally decided to join

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  1. the next time they wud meet,
    the terrorists will have a plan to get their treat!!!