Tooth Fairy!

once upon a time
very close to the current time line

was a beautiful lovely fairy
with a rather remarkable story

she was loved through the land
as she went about her daily errand

all were happy and gay
as approached her marriage day

all was well as well as it could be
but there was one problem for none to see

in all the fun and jovial bubble 
the lovely fairy ignored her tooth trouble

in pain she did wince once in a while
but thought of a dentist had her mouth filled with bile

the day dawned and she was all dressed
prettiest maiden of all and amply blessed

and it was time to take the vows
a wrong time to be hit with dental woes

all had mouths opened in gape
to the dentist groom rushed her to take

so this was the tale of a beautiful fairy
on her wedding day who had to heed to her dental worry


  1. I think this is how the tooth fairy came to be! heheh. This has nice ring to it, and a good message as well. Tooth fairies are a motivation to all kids out there to visit their dentists.

  2. Thanks for visiting Tabatha! I wrote this one to persuade my then GF and now wife to visit a dentist! :)

  3. And I drew that Tooth Fairy graphic to hopefully make some income from it instead of having it stolen for use on your site,

  4. @anonymous - Did not have any intention to steal. Should have given credits. Please accept my apologies. Have taken it off.