Image Courtesy: Some stupid terrorists who always go scot free?

26/11 is back again
365 days passed all else same

media cries
for the coveted trp prize

2 minutes silence observed
for kasab 5 star facilities reserved

26/11 upon you fie
who cares if a few hundred indians die


  1. Astounded at such thought
    From those who used to give a thought

    It matters to all who're Indian
    And not naxals or barbarians

    And hence, we wait for judicial process
    For a well poised image we want to impress

    Steps need not be taken in rage or outburst
    Is something that all must learn first

  2. everyone to one's own shashwat! an year passed. many things happen, years pass. the meaning of justice is lost in all those years. till when can we keep on harping abt the system. And I hope you get the satire, obviously I care about the lives lost - but is that care if all we can do is harp about our justice and observe silence??? A thought I leave for your thought :)

  3. Things to note are:

    1. Why sensationalise the stuff(Like the media does.. why should we even care about the sad anniversaries.. A true Indian should be outrageous.. his/her fellow countrymen have suffered..

    2. As far as judicial system is concerned.. its like this.. A kills hundreds on camera.. caught with AK 47.. admits killing innocent people.. still the court wants a proof whether A has really killed ppl.. then there is a hijack of plane.. And A is freed..