Off to Disneyland

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mom i want to go to disneyland
he said while scuttling through the sand

she agreed after some persuasion
as they moved to the airport without hesitation

off they went past the security check
in no time she dropped the kid on the deck

she kissed him and bade good bye
as the kid fly found a crevice for the journey to lie


  1. I read your verses of uncommon style
    It made me wince it made me smile

    No rhyme or reason to redefine poetry and create a different wave
    Am sure you have Keats and Wordsworth turning in their grave

    But keep at it persistently, u never know where u'd be getting
    Who knows you could actually end up winning the worst award in writing...
    {Just kidding, keep up the good work... and expect such comments from me!!! :D }

  2. ha ha ha...nice poem urself adi!
    u too start a blog I wud say!

    tc..and keep visiting for short little stuff :)